Welcome on James Colin's home on the web, I started this blog on october 2007 with wordpress and mediawiki but in may 2008 I had to go back to using the excellent Drupal because of performance issues due to high traffic and poor caching plugins. Since then everything has been fine with Drupal and I have posted from time to time a few blog posts. If you want me to talk about anything in particular, just ask me, I have opinions on everything, try me!

Wifi Password for XAYOH Grillhouse at Vientiaine, Laos

Wifi Password for XAYOH Grillhouse at Vientiaine, Laos is "likeusonfacebook"

So you can eat and drink while browsing the web

Clickbank on Drupal and all sites / blogs.. Contextual ads for affiliate programs!

Hello there!
I have an account at clickbank but really can't be bothered to search the marketplace for relevant products for each of my pages, especially since I don't create the pages myself and don't choose the topics on my multi-users websites..

So I have used their HopAd Builder (under the ACCOUNT SETTINGS / HOPAD BUILDER navigation menu) it's a javascript widget which displays clickbank products related to the keywords you have specified.. Those keywords are in a variable in the javascript code they give you to put on your site. So to have contextual ads with clickbank it's only a matter of filling in this variable dynamically in PHP before returning the HTML source code to the user..

AdSense Dashboard: Good Android App for AdSense Earnings Reporting

Hi, I've found a nice Android App to check on adsense earnings without going to adsense admin in a browser.
The name of the App is AdSense Dashboard, it's free otherwise I wouldn't have talked about it.

Here I am With the Interview setup

I got Rupam Das contact me on DP to make an interview, it's fun, no? So I'm replying to his interview on this blog, and after I think he will publish it somewhere, if I get the link I'll add it here..

Network Error (tcp_error)

I get this message often when I try to access my sites hosted on Dreamhost while in my hotel room in Laos:
Network Error (tcp_error)

A communication error occurred: "Connection refused"
The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.

For assistance, contact your network support team.

I bought links from an indian SEO spammer on Fiverr

I hate those indian SEO spammers because I get many on my sites every single days.. I don't like work, and those guys add to my workload if I want to still have comment forms on my sites there's no anti-spam mechanism which can keep them at bay.. But I gave $5 on Fiverr to one of them to spam my link, just to see where it goes..

A florilege of dumb comment spam texts..

If you have a blog or a website with comments enabled, you surely know about the dumb comment spam, often from India/Pakistan, which praise your blog and article hoping to get a link back, those messages are generic and are a real pain in the ass because since they are posted not by robots but most often by low paid "SEO workers" they can pass the anti-spam mechanism, such as CAPTCHA or even Mollom/Askimet..

Attempting to re-run cron while it is already running. - Drupal Solution

When I get the message "Attempting to re-run cron while it is already running" on my Drupal watchdog report, it means the cron hasn't been able to run. On one site I noticed this over 18 weeks later! Here's a simple solution..

My method to quickly earn $100 per month with AdSense

Hello, finally I'm getting a small feeling of motivation in order to explain the method to move quickly to the next level assuming that you're still stuck at the level where you still don't get an AdSense payment every month.
Getting paid every month by AdSense is EASY, very EASY.. But there are also a lot of ways to not get paid every month even if you're "working" hard to get there..

SheToldMe.com is a SCAM !!! I'm a horrible webmaster who charges $12 a year to post on his site!

Oh, hello friends! Horrible webmaster here!

You know I've launched a little site called SheToldMe.com in April 2009 and it's just a Digg-like with AdSense Sharing and referral system.
Well recently in August 2011 I've decided that in order to free up some time I would make posting requires a paid membership. I've set the price at $12 a year which is, let's do the maths here.. $1 per month..

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